Last June 2, 2017, seven (7) JCMPF scholars, looking dignified in their graduation gown and toga, marched at the grounds of Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology a.k.a. TMP Tech in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, to receive the very first fruit of their hard work, their Diploma.

The scholars, Glen C. Abonales, Julius Christian C. Bedia, Aldrin N. Cabatbat, Paul Cedrick D. Carcer, Aljon Miñosa, Alex M. Rulida, Jr., and Mark Renan T. Tarnate, who had their secondary education at Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma High School in Payatas, were so excited as each na me was called to come up on stage to receive their Diploma in Automotive Servicing along with 4 National Certificates, NCI, NCII, NCIII, and NCIV which signifies their national competency and global competitiveness.

Yes. These newly graduates are now competently job-ready! They are now confidently ready to join the country’s workforce. Ready to unleash their prime potentials and ably contribute to our society.

As Sotoru Suzuki puts it (pertaining to the graduates), “You are now ready to face the challenges as true professionals.” (Mr. Suzuki is TMP President and TMP Tech Science & Technology Council Executive Vice-Chairman).

More than that, they are life-ready! Along with their skills, their characters were honed to prepare them to live a life with meaning and purpose. These students did not come from well-off families. They are not privileged to live with material comfort yet they managed to fulfill their goals. They learned to live within their means and to be resourceful.

Mr. Jose Lim III’s inspiring message goes, “….difficult conditions made you strive to surpass your limitations, character is the compass of destiny. Seek to be useful to society for that is the real purpose of life.” (Mr. Lim III is Toyota Dealers Association President).

Besides Mr. Sotoru Suzuki and Mr. Jose Lim III, also present, were TMP Tech President Dr. David Go, who welcomed all the guests, the graduates and the parents, and TESD Operations Deputy Director General Alvin Feliciano, who delivered a keynote speech.

All-in-All, it was an unremarkably successful and happy occasion.

Thanks to Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation (TMPFI) and TMP Tech for partnering with us in providing scholarships to these deserving youths from Payatas, Quezon City.

TMPFI is a corporate foundation that helps the organizations in the non-profit sector to achieve its goals through initiatives under its corporate social responsibility programs; TMP TECH, is a world-class technical training school at the Toyota Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) in Santa Rosa, Laguna, that is geared is geared towards transforming the Philippines into a human resource development hub to meet the needs of Global Toyota.  Described as a “local training entity with a global perspective”, TMP Tech is specifically established for the training of after-sales technicians who will be deployed in service centers both here and abroad.

To our 2017 TMP Tech graduates, Congratulations!

Posted 06.16.17



The Foundation supports the college and/or vocational education of students who have graduated from the Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma High School, formerly Payatas High School in Quezon City. The program also responds to the academic needs of both the students and the faculty through upgrading of facilities like its library, providing training support for teachers, the school’s reading program, and other similar activities.

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